About Us
Midwest's relentless business policies on quality and standardization ensure the finest recycled OEM merchandise available. These accomplishments have been obtained by adopting and adhering to special business practices performed at all facilities under the strictest guidelines. The standardization and ability to grade our recycled OEM merchandise has become most beneficial for the insurance adjusting and collision repair industries.

Premium parts and standard recycled OEM parts are determined by their condition. Collision parts are graded in units or hours of damage. Units or hours of damage are determined by the area size that contains the damage. For standardization purposes, so all involved parties (the recycle, the adjustor, and the collision repair facility) are in consensus, we have adopted the United Recyclers Group (URG) standard measurement practices and value one unit or one hour of repair allowance, Standard recycled OEM grade parts may have more than one, but will have less than two hours, of repair allowance. Assemblies containing multiple parts are graded collectively.

Mechanical parts are graded on an average yearly mile assessment in regards to the actual year of the vehicle in which the part has been retrieved. All mechanical parts, which yield less than 15k miles per model year, are graded as premium. All mechanical parts, which average 15k to 20k per model year, are graded as standard recycled OEM condition. All mechanical parts averaging in excess of 20k miles per model year will not be supplied unless requested.